domingo, 29 de octubre de 2017

Labour behind the Label. MAKE UP WRITING MATERIAL

Ethical Shopping

I do not really consider myself an ethical shopper, because here in my country there is not much information or awareness campaigns about ethical purchases of different products.
You could only watch and hear some viral videos on web platforms such as "YouTube" and "Facebook" about the edible products that we buy, which are of animal origin, and the terrible conditions in which the animals are subjected before dying and being processed for end up being products in supermarkets.

I find being an ethical shopper of garments much more difficult, since in countries like mine the information about the origin of the factory and the like is very difficult to obtain and very few people are informed or do not know how to ask for this information from companies and clothing brands.

Labour Behind the Label

I always knew that there were organizations, such as Labor Behind the Label, but I didn’t know about the organizations activity and projects.
Organizations, as Make Fair Trade, became known since artists such as Chris Martin of Coldplay who supported and divulgued the activities and projects of this organization.

This video called "Change Your Shoes" by Labor Behind the Label, seems to me the most effective due to the rawness and realism of the scenes. In addition, it has a clear and easy-to-understand message about the situation of many of the garment workers in the Asian continent. It also reflects and shows the ethics of the shopper at the time of buying. It is a campaign with a complete and very informative message.

I would like to share a spot of the MTV channel campaign, corresponding to the MTV Exit foundation, whose objective is to raise awareness and increase the prevention of human trafficking and modern slavery. I remember seeing this spot on MTV Latin America in Argentina six years ago.
In this spot, the alternative rock band Radiohead contributes its song "All I Need".

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